Crikvenica Riviera

Crikvenica Riviera is the part of beautiful and diverse Kvarner, and its four picturesque small tourist spots in a row –Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo and Selce, will capture your heart at first sight.Its favourable position,good traffic connections,fresh air and clear sea ,natural beauties and hospitable hosts were at the end of the 19th century very well-founded background for tourism developement.

The largest tourist resort is Crikvenica, favourite seaside resort of numerous generations with its pleasant,mild and healthy mediterranean climate and microclimate which has been curingand strenghtening both body and soul for centuries. Various natural and arranged beaches are connected with the promenades and surrounded by scented mediterranean plants. Additionally , many entertainment facilities as well as sport and recreational amenities make children and adults ,bathers and walkers,athletes and people who prefer healthy lifestyle enjoy themselves .Lots of people consider them the most beautiful beaches at the Adriatic coast and one of the most famous is the sandy one, City Beach Crikvenica. At Crikvenica Riviera you can relax and carelessly play with your barking friends because there is the world famous Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar – the ultimate vacation spot for dogs. Nature lovers will trully enjoy themselves whilst absorbing colours,fragrances and sounds at footpaths,hiking trails and cycle lanes, but there is also a piece of heaven for experienced sailors and divers. For the paragliders there are many days of their dreams because they will be able to watch from bird’s eye-view blue-green play of nature in the nearby Vinodol Valley and for the ones who like to feel adrenaline there waits the Adrenalin Park Crikvenica, where they can try out climbing trails and bridges ,or having fun with the game of Paintball and other activities.Whether you spend your time actively with your favourite sport on the land , in the sea or in the air or rather explore nearby towns,islands,national parks or leisure areas with your loved ones, you should take a break to enjoy in traditional culinary specialties. Visiting The Crikvenica aquarium or The Crikvenica Town Museum ,drinking coffee or local wine at romantic terraces by the sea will definetly brighten your day as well as numerous events such as concerts , exhibitions ,theme festivals,marathons,competitions, entertainment and cultural events. If you wish to find your oasis of peace with your company after city crowd ,dance, singing and parties,you won’t have to search for long.You will be thrilled with the nearby Vinodol, beautiful green outback with its sweet ,tame villages and if you are willing to drive for half an hour you will reach the landscape of the forests. Therefore, Crikvenica is a real score for a fulfilled and unforgetable vacation!